TRUTH. DDT Blend 1 Kg (Deep, Dark and Twisted)


It’s an espresso blend designed for those classic coffee palates that don’t want too much acidity in the cup. And yet, this isn’t achieved by means of a dark Italian-style roast. On the contrary, the roast is actually quite light.  Amazingly approachable as an espresso, low in Acidity (yes, we said low!) Rich and deep as a flat white.

With lots of nuts, hints of biscuit and some subtle sweetness, all of it comes together beautifully in a well-extracted espresso.

For a classic flavour profile without that ashy finish that too often accompanies darker roasts, look no further than Truth’s Deep, Dark & Twisted (DDT) Blend!


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 20 cm

Cowbell has changed with the new seasons beans. We are currently using 80% Guatemala Acatenango and 20% Colombia. The Colombia has a juicy tangerine like acidity which is adding a nice layer of complexity to the blend.