Further, we make coffee &
conversation, while you
enjoy your festivities.

We also have a 60 liter water tank installed, to readily have more than enough water available
for an event. Our state of the art coffee machine and grinders grind and brew your hot
beverages on the spot, making them the freshest and best quality possible in terms of a good
cup of joe.

If we then provide all these things, what is there left for you, our customer to help out with?
Well, some electricity would be nice thank you. All our Tuk’s have 16 amp 250 volt 40 meter
extensions, as to keep the power from tripping while the coffee machine (which is quite a
machine) is brewing, and to make it possible for you to place us where you feel best for your

Meet the Baristas

Ben Schempers
Ben Schempers
In 2016 I started brewing artisan coffee in Polokwane. A project focused on workmanship and quality, giving local Journeymen such as yourselves the opportunity to truly enjoy an artisanally brewed speciality coffee by a professional barista. With incredible support and appreciation for great coffee by our community, I was able to start putting the values I live by into good use.
I believe in empowerment, a quality I surely got from my Father.
I believe in being environmentally conscious, and as eco friendly as I possibly can in all situations.

I believe in great design ( always done by Okay Deer ), work ethics and professionalism.
I believe in individuality, innovation and collaboration with incredible local artists, entrepreneurs and like minded humans beings.
But most of all, I believe in artisan coffee.

It has given me the opportunity to find myself.
The opportunity to train new wave baristas, supply and distribute beans and maintain quality everywhere it is brewed. It has taken me to the craziest places, and I’ve met some of the most incredible individuals within this magnificent industry. It has given me the opportunity to spread my vision, grow my business and dream as big as I possibly can.

But once again, most of all, it has given me the opportunity to live my passion.

Thank you for allowing me to be me.
Thank you for enjoying nice chats,
spiff tunes and slick artisan coffee with me.

You did this!

Pieter Schempers
Pieter Schempers
After returning from his law studies in Potchefstroom last year, I had the privilege of my own flesh and blood, my Brother, joining The Grind. By that time he had had a lot of coffees around the Tuk Tuk’s and in the shop, and I saw his pallet, interest in artisan coffee and consequently his hair, growing.

He quickly got shipped off to Cape Town for his first barista course (having in the meantime done 3), and joined The Grind in an admin or general management capacity.

Thanks to his tireless work behind the scenes, we can all scrupulously focus on our passion, which is brewing incredible artisan coffee. Being a specialist in detecting dryness in an espresso similar to that of red wine, it can clearly be seen that Pieter’s passion level is way up there with the rest of us, and that this guys is deep into artisan coffee.

Thanks for having our back Man, brewing perfection in cups and believing in the dream. We couldn’t do it without you.

Swazi Gold
Swazi Gold
This young, hardworking skater came down to Polokwane just when The Grind had opened our first “permanent pop up shop” at the previous Bodylife.

With a vision in mind, through reshuffles, some hardship, opportunity and perseverance, Swazi (now known as Swazi Gold) has proven himself to be an integral part of the team. More than that, his barista skills have simply blown me away.

Look out for this guy hitting great heights at The Grind .

Pop him a visit at our shop, 100 General Maritz Street.

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